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    At Baycrest Animal Clinic, we’re trying to change the way people and pets feel about vet visits. In fact, our goal is to make every appointment a positive experience.
    When you choose us as your Tampa or Town N County vet, you’ll get more than just a doctor for your pet. You’ll get a trusted partner, a support system, a family. Don’t you both deserve this level of care and attention? We think so!


    Call or stop by and see us any time. We can’t wait to meet you!

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    Doggy Paw Care Tips

    Aug 15, 2019

    Dogs’ paws are super cute. They are also extremely important for our canine pals’ health and well-being. Without those furry feet, Fido couldn’t run after his favorite toy, jump for joy to see you, or chase that frisky squirrel in … Read More »

    All About the Elizabethan Collar

    Aug 01, 2019

    When a pet is recovering from a surgical incision, wound, skin infection, or some other bodily harm, there is a natural tendency to scratch, bite, lick, or chew at the site. Of course, this kind of self-traumatization extends recovery time … Read More »

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