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    At Baycrest Animal Clinic, we’re trying to change the way people and pets feel about vet visits. In fact, our goal is to make every appointment a positive experience.
    When you choose us as your Tampa or Town N County vet, you’ll get more than just a doctor for your pet. You’ll get a trusted partner, a support system, a family. Don’t you both deserve this level of care and attention? We think so!


    Call or stop by and see us any time. We can’t wait to meet you!

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    Tips For Adopting A Senior Pet

    Nov 01, 2019

    November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Of course, we think all animals deserve loving forever homes. However, senior pets have a very hard time getting adopted, because most people just pass them by and choose puppies and kittens instead. … Read More »

    And Meow, A Word About Feral Cats

    Oct 15, 2019

    Did you know that October 16th is National Feral Cat Day? There are far too many adorable kitties out there fending for themselves. Here, a Tampa, FL vet discusses feral cats, and offers tips on helping them. Feral or Stray? … Read More »